Sounds of the Sword Coast
A Spellhold Studios Mod for Baldur's Gate
Author: Tash | Website | Forum | Version: 2.4
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This small mod for Baldur's Gate repairs various sound files in the game which suffer from audible compression artifacts or some degree of clipping. The original spell casting voices are especially affected and often unpleasant to listen to.

There are a few additional components, all of which attempt to improve the sonic experience of the game. Naturally, the mod is aimed at the enthusiasts of Baldur's Gate who still prefer to play the game as it was originally designed.

Note: This mod is only posted in the Baldur's Gate II section, as Spellhold Studios does not currently have an appropriate category for Baldur's Gate.


This is a WeiDU mod, which basically means it is intended to be compatible with most other available mods (

Note: No spell or area files are overwritten during the installation process; this mod only patches the existing spell and area files to change sound effects. If any other mod overwrites the patched files, these changes will be lost. Therefore, it is best to install Sounds of the Sword Coast after any other mod which introduces new spells or makes changes to the existing ones.


Install Sounds of the Sword Coast just like any other WeiDU mod: extract the file "Setup-!BSotSC.exe" and the folder "!BSotSC" to your main Baldur's Gate directory. Then run "Setup-!BSotSC.exe" and follow the prompts to install each individual component.

To uninstall the mod, simply run "Setup-!BSotSC.exe" again and follow the prompts just like during the installation.

Note: You can install any of the available components independently.


Repaired Spell Casting Sound Effects

This is the main component which contains fixed audio files for all the damaged spell casting voices and sound effects.

Consistent Spell Casting Sound Effects

This component brings more consistency to many spells which awkwardly use sound effects reserved for other spell casting schools. Notably, it patches spell expiration sound effects to match their appropriate schools.

In addition, the component corrects minor slips in spell casting schools and sound effect parameters, as well as restoring a few spell casting sound effects which were most probably disabled due to typing errors.

Restored Missing Ambient Sound Effects

Several areas in the game have invalid or no ambient resources. This component patches the areas to use proper ambient sound effects.

Tweaked Bow Combat Sound Effects

These are modified bow draw and release sound effects which match the speed of the original combat animations slightly better.

Alternate Chunked Death Sound Effect (Gore)

This is an alternate version of the "chunked death" sound effect intended for those of a more... sadistic inclination. Splatter!

Mute Tooltip Paper Sound Effect

Some people quickly get fed up with the paper-like sound played when tooltips roll out on the screen. Burn it. Now.





Mod author

Baldur's Gate creators

Tools used

7-Zip by Igor Pavlov

Audacity by the Audacity Team

DLTCEP by Avenger

IESDP maintained by igi

Near Infinity by Jon Olav Hauglid (updated by Argent77)

Notepad++ by Don Ho

PS gui by Sam.

SoX by Chris Bagwell and contributors

WeiDU by Westley Weimer (updated by the bigg and Wisp)

WinBiff by Theo

Special thanks

ALIEN, CrevsDaak, Dakk, Jarno Mikkola, Mad Mate and Salk for additional support and feedback.

Baronius of the Black Wyrm's Lair for maintaining the Community Filename Prefix Reservation List.

CamDawg and Miloch for painstaking code snippets with comments and numerous WeiDU how-tos.

Kaeloree and SConrad, the admins of Spellhold Studios, for hosting this mod.

Mike1072 of the Gibberlings Three for vital code suggestions and guidelines on arrays.

Sam. for the awesome customizable readme template.

Everyone else from the Black Wyrm's Lair, the Gibberlings Three, Pocket Plane Group, Spellhold Studios and other modding communities for keeping Infinity Engine running.