Infinity Sounds
A Spellhold Studios Mod for Baldur's Gate II
Author: Tash | Website | Forum | Version: 1.3
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This small mod for Baldur's Gate II restores many sound effects used in the original Baldur's Gate for the sheer enjoyment of a bit more complete "that BG1 experience" some players seem to be nostalgic about.

Note: A number of the restored sound files have been cleaned of audible compression artifacts or any degree of clipping. The original spell casting voices were especially affected and often unpleasant to listen to.


This is a WeiDU mod, which basically means it is intended to be compatible with most other available mods (

Note: No spell files are overwritten during the installation process; this mod only patches the existing spell files to change sound effects. If any other mod overwrites the patched files, these changes will be lost. Therefore, it is best to install Infinity Sounds after any other mod which introduces new spells or makes changes to the existing ones.


Install Infinity Sounds just like any other WeiDU mod: extract the file "Setup-!BInfinitySounds.exe" and the folder "!BInfinitySounds" to your main Baldur's Gate II directory. Then run "Setup-!BInfinitySounds.exe" and follow the prompts to install each individual component.

To uninstall the mod, simply run "Setup-!BInfinitySounds.exe" again and follow the prompts just like during the installation.

Note: You can install any of the available components independently.


Restored BG1 Spell Casting Voices

This component replaces the default Latin spell recitation with the BG1 sinister and ritualistic incantations, including the infamous, [dark] "Hadouken," [intensifying] "HAA-DOU-KEN!!!" [evil].

Restored BG1 Spell Casting Sound Effects

First, this component disables the terribad "explosive" sound effect accompanying some AoE spells, such as Web and Grease. Second, it restores most BG1 sound effects to the appropriate spells. And third, it brings more consistency to many spells which awkwardly use sound effects reserved for other spell casting schools. Notably, it patches spell expiration sound effects to match their respective schools.

In addition, the component corrects minor slips in spell casting schools and sound effect parameters, as well as restoring a few spell casting sound effects which were most probably disabled due to typing errors.

Restored BG1 Weapon Attack Sound Effects

A lot of the weapon swings and shots in BG2 sound much different than in the original game. Flails and ranged weapons are prime examples here. Specifically, crossbows miss their soundset alternatives, and bows lack the sound effect of drawing.

This component restores all the BG1 combat attack sounds. Included are modified bow draw and release sound effects which match the speed of the BG2 combat animations slightly better.

Restored BG1 Armor Hit Sound Effects

Much in a similar fashion as the above, this replaces the default combat hit sound effects with their BG1 counterparts. The former tend to be a bit more abrupt, while the latter have more emphasized thumps and that nice "hollow" tinge.

Restored BG1 Armor Movement Sound Effects

These are barely audible rustles, tings and twangs as characters move around in armor. The BG1 variants are slightly less pronounced and more realistic.

Restored BG1 Interface Sound Effects

For the most part, these are very similar; however, some meticulous people may wish to restore the exact BG1 sound effects for the GUI and inventory management. The most noticeable difference is that the BG2 inventory variants have an additional rattle which many find annoying.

Restored Chunked Death Sound Effect

If you enable "gore" in the game options, you will see a special death animation when the target's health points go well below zero; however, the related "chunking" sound effect present in BG1 is missing in the sequel.

This component reintroduces the "chunked death" sound effect to BG2. An alternate version is available to those of a more... sadistic inclination. Splatter!

Restored Gulp! Sound Effect

In BG2 people drink in awkward silence. This restores the memorable sound effect played when characters take a swig. Cheers!

Restored BG1 Character Soundsets (English)

This component allows you to select the original BG1 soundsets for your characters.

Mute Reputation Loss Sound Effect

You can now choose to disable the default sound effect which blares out when you lose reputation points.

Mute Tooltip Paper Sound Effect

Some people quickly get fed up with the paper-like sound played when tooltips roll out on the screen. Burn it. Now.





Mod author

Baldur's Gate creators

Tools used

7-Zip by Igor Pavlov

Audacity by the Audacity Team

DLTCEP by Avenger

IESDP maintained by igi

Near Infinity by Jon Olav Hauglid (updated by Argent77)

Notepad++ by Don Ho

PS gui by Sam.

SoX by Chris Bagwell and contributors

WeiDU by Westley Weimer (updated by the bigg and Wisp)

WinBiff by Theo

Special thanks

ALIEN and Quiet for adding the mod to the Big World Setup.

Almateria, CaloNord, Creepin, CrevsDaak, Dakk, DrAzTiK, gloomfrost, Ithildur, jastey, jodan-no-ken, kreso, Kulyok, Lollorian, Mad Mate, Sergio, Shaitan, SinForged, The Imp, Thimblerig and Yovaneth for additional support and feedback.

Baronius of the Black Wyrm's Lair for maintaining the Community Filename Prefix Reservation List.

CamDawg and Miloch for painstaking code snippets with comments and numerous WeiDU how-tos.

Kaeloree and SConrad, the admins of Spellhold Studios, for hosting this mod.

Leonardo Watson for including the mod in the BiG World Project.

Mike1072 of the Gibberlings Three for vital code suggestions and guidelines on arrays.

Sam. for the awesome customizable readme template.

Everyone else from the Black Wyrm's Lair, the Gibberlings Three, Pocket Plane Group, Spellhold Studios and other modding communities for keeping Infinity Engine running.